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England vs Italy. Which do you prefer?

Sara Barbieri, 3 A linguistico



02 Giugno 2017 - 10:20

England vs Italy.  Which do you prefer?

The London skyline


The students of 3A from Liceo Linguistico Manin went to the UK for one week on a school trip. They stayed in a host families and they attended the Oxford International School of Greenwich.

Their goals were to improve their English and understand British culture better.

In the afternoons they visited the main monuments in London and in the morning they had lessons and had the opportunity to learn more about journalism. During one morning lesson Italian students went to Greenwich Park in order to interview people about the differences between Italy and England. It resulted that the main difference is the weather: in Britain it's cold and rainy whereas in Italy it's mostly sunny. Moreover, in England people drive on the left side oft he road. „Of course“ Italian food is much better than in England and this is what the interviewees said because they like pizza, lasagne, spaghetti alla bolognese, etc...

English people are more shy and reserved at the beginning, but when they get to know you become loyal and open up.

The two countries have meals at different times, in fact English people usually have a very light lunch so they have dinner very early, whereas the Italians have dinner late. In England there are various types of public transport like the double decker red bus that you can't find in Italy.

Students enjoyed the trip very much, they encountered a diffrent lifestyle and they hope they will return soon.

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