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England vs Italy

Italian teenagers and England

Giulia Cerati 3^A Linguistico



02 Giugno 2017 - 10:26

England vs Italy

Piccadilly Circus

Most of the Italian teenagers would prefer living in the UK instead of Italy, that’s because for example they listen to a lot of English music or watch lots of films set in London, so they really love London lifestyle and all the things that concern it.

From the 5th to the 11th of March the 3AL class from Manin High School had the opportunity to stay one week in a British family and discover this beautiful culture and its traditions, ones that are very different from ours in Italy. First of all, the thing we noticed from the beginning was the very cold and foggy weather in the morning quite similar to British people who in the beginning can appear a little bit “cold” and reserved but then they show their kindness and they’re really nice. Another very different thing which at the beginning caused some trouble to the students is, without doubt, cars driving on the left, the complete opposite to Italian traffic.

However, London lifestyle is very attractive because everyone there, is free to be simply oneself with his/her own personality and nobody will judge you if you’re wearing a pink wig or your pyjamas while walking through the crowded streets because nobody will care at all. Probably this is the thing Italian students like most about England and that’s why they would like to study or live there one day. It doesn’t matter if English people have different meal-times and if the food is not as good as the Italian one, they love this city anyway, with its multicultural reality and all the other differences that make London unique and fantastic.

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