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London trip

Harneet Kaur, 3^A Linguistico



02 Giugno 2017 - 11:13

London trip

National Gallery e Trafalgar Square


Today was our first day at school . After four hours we went to the Queen’s Hause . l think that was my favorite part of the day. The paintings were wonderful and we had also a lot fun taking pictures .


Todey after school , we saw Big Ben, London Eyes .We went to St. James park and saw a lot of animals: swans ,squirrels. Then we went to Backingham Palace and then to the National Gallery. l really enjoyed visiting the museum and seeing the most famous paintings.


After school we went to the Victoria and Albert museum .l really liked it even though we had little time to visit it .That’s why we first, me Basma and Michela, visited the things that we were interested in for example :Punjab, lslamic Middle-East and South Asia .We went than to Harrods. Here’s where l spent most of my money. l bought gifts for my mum , brother and sister.


Today is Michela’s birthday. We stardet the day seeing the Shard. I was impressed by the Shard’s height. We visited the Tete Museum and took pictures from the museum of the view that was outside . Today we also ate outside so we had the oppurtunity to celebrate Michela’s birthday . Basma and i gave our presents to Michela and she seemed to like them so that’s another good thing. We arrivede home around 9.30 pm.


Today was our last day in our school. We went to the British Museum and saw a lot of interesting and ancient things like mummies, sculptures from the Partenon and Sutton Hoo.


Today was our last day in England and i was very sad to be coming back to Italy. In the morning we went to the Globe theatre and than straight to the airport. We arrived in Cremona at 8.30.

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