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Difference you can find between England and Italy if you spend one week in london

Francesca Zoppi  3A Linguistico



02 Giugno 2017 - 11:39

Difference you can find between England and Italy if you spend one week in london

Hidden Gardens of London

Italian people are very curious about the differences between London and their cities when they go there.

When they go to London to spend only a week, they immediately find her characteristics. London is considered as a big rainy city where you can find double-decker buses, red telephone boxes, Big Ben… and where people drive on the left side!

Really, in London, we can find many other interesting things. London is a multicultural city: people who live there come from all over the world. Streets are full of international restaurants and shops. Moreover, as a big city, in London it’s difficult to reach a destination by bicycle or on foot: people catch buses, the underground or trains every day to go to the office, to school or to the supermarket, for example.

Also, staying in a host family in London, means being in touch with their habits. Houses are very different from Italian ones. There are many semidetached or detached houses and most are on two floors. Breakfast, lunch, dinner are a bit different. English people usually eat savoury food for breakfast like bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beans… They also usually have meals earlier than in Italy (12 a.m. for lunch and 6 p.m. for dinner). They tend to cook lots of meat and fewer vegetables. Food is very spicy.

From the moment you leave the house, you can notice that London is a very clean city. Streets have no rubbish and, even if it is a metropolis, London is full of green areas. Parks are very famous in London and they are full of flowers and wildlife.

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