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Our trip to London: my highlights

Martina Zerbini, 3^A Linguistico



02 Giugno 2017 - 11:43

Our trip to London: my highlights

Royal Observatory of Greenwich

SUNDAY - DAY 1: The arrival

Finally here! The highlight of the day is the generosity of a normal family, the Sholankes, who welcome, in their house, two completely female strangers from Italy, sharing everything they have, sacrificing their spaces and their time.

MONDAY - DAY 2: Greenwich and surroundings

After the first lesson in the morning at Oxford International in Greenwich, we left the school and visited the wonderful Greenwich Royal Observatory, above Greenwich Park, in front of the stunning skyline of the city. I think that the impressive thing of the day is a sort of emblem. I’m talking about a woman statue on the Cutty Sark, an ancient ship near the Discover Greenwich Museum, symbolising strength and power. Even though that woman was a witch, it’s the perfect icon meaning that women are something inspiring, a guide for the sailors. The value of women is also celebrated with the elegance and the majesty of Queen’s House, the residence of Queen Anne of Denmark, where the grace and refinement, together with the portraits and the landscapes remind everything of old times…

TUESDAY - DAY 3: The area of Westminster and Trafalgar Square

Art, art and guess what? ART! This is the amazing key-word of our third day in London. We had the chance to visit the National Gallery, after the usual morning lesson in Greenwich. This museum is a palace which breathes harmony and culture through its mesmerizing paintings. The colours of the rooms of the amazing building and the atmosphere created by the contrast of a strong enlightenment and dim lights, complete perfectly the art works all over the walls. Lots of the most important artists’ masterpieces are hung above the wall, and you can see them from a few centimetres. That’s why at the National Gallery you can feel art, you can live it, standing closer to the most valuable tableaux ever.

WEDNESDAY - DAY 4: The pleasure of colours: V&A Museum, Carnaby Street and Harrods.

On Wednesday morning we had lessons with Robert, as every morning. In the afternoon, we split the group. Some people went to the Natural History Museum, some went to the Science Museum and my group went to the Victoria&Albert Museum. Actually, it’s a museum that houses almost everything: statues, sculptures, every kind of object, jewels, clothes, furniture, shoes, paintings and photos from ancient centuries until today. Everything appears precious and extremely delicate. This museum is perfect for people who are curious and love seeing the difference between the time periods; every exhibition reflects the age where is collocated, and it seems that every time period is characterised by a particular colour, the lighter the more we get closer to the present. once the group was reunited, we all went to one of the most important department store in London: Harrods. There you get fascinated by the design of the rooms, the lights, the breath-taking griffes exhibited through the floors. It’s a wonderful shopping itinerary, where you have an enormous choice of products, even though the prices are not very cheap. The Harrods Building is something stunning: the splendour and the wealth are the signature of the palace, embellished by gold, dark green and other beautiful colours. But the expression of urban colour is, of course, Carnaby Street, where style, fashion and peculiar shops make this street fascinating and attractive.

 THURSDAY - DAY 5: Discovering the Southbank

Walking along the Thames in good company and the London breeze shuffling my hair are just a little part of what I enjoyed during the fourth day in this developing city. The view is one of the central topics of the day. In fact, watching the reflection of the sky on The Shard’s glass surface, it’s a wonderful view from the blossom garden of the old Southward Cathedral, near the “good-smelling” Borough Market; but it’s also a perfect example to explain how the modern oeuvres influence our feelings. Another example, is of course, the modern art exhibited at the Tate Modern Museum, very close to the Millennium Bridge, that joins the view from the 10th floor, together with the innovation of the newest art works. Exactly like the London Eye, Where we could delight our eyes with a breath-taking view of the whole city of London, thanks to the modernity of the panoramic wheel, even if it has become a tradition. So, we can say that the “theme” of the day is the ensemble of tradition, panorama and modernity.

FRIDAY - DAY 6: History - The great chance

The huge highlight of the day is the enormous British Museum, where we could walk through the ages, among ancient evidence of the past civilizations. Having a walk within the flawless objects is a great experience to know the past and appreciate its relevance. Another thing I enjoyed was the variety of life and colours in Covent Garden: smells, lights, shops and busker’s music mixed together in one of the most beautiful markets I’ve ever seen.

SATURDAY - DAY 7: The homecoming

Before leaving we had the opportunity to visit two masterpieces of London. Starting from the Amazing Globe Theatre, house of the Shakespeare’s culture, we crossed the modern Millennium Bridge above the river Thames to join the wonderful St. Paul’s Cathedral. The two landmarks are both important identity signs of London.

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